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Invite your employees to the virtual world you created and provide them with positive emotions. Optimize HR processes in your company. Engage your senses and enter a new era of gaining experience. 

VR in HR. Create Your HReality!



Check the behaviour and competences of candidates in virtual reality. The interactive world of 360-degree video will provide them with real tasks and will enable checking their spontaneous reactions!


Present your company, organizational culture and workplace in an attractive way using VR simulations. Familiarize candidates with GDPR / ISO regulations in a form of engaging fun and show the consequences of not applying them.

Maintenance and development

With the use of instructional stimulations based on a dedicated scenario, increase your team’s competences and involvement.


To provide your employees with support in the upcoming changes, prepare a complete visualization.

Employer branding

Zadbaj o pozytywny odbiór Twojej firmy, zaprezentuj ją na targach, wystawach itp. za pomocą VR. Przedstaw kulturę organizacyjną w nowoczesny i angażujący sposób.

Employer branding

Take care of your company's positive reception, present it at trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. using VR. Present organizational culture in a modern and engaging way.

Why is it worth it?

We will help you achieve your goals

More effective recruitment

We help to improve recruitment efficiency by using VR to check employee knowledge and competences. Immersion strongly affects the senses of the employee, evokes emotions as in the real world, so the answers given e.g. on a virtual test are real, not declarative (as opposed to standard tests).

Better implementation quality

Thanks to VR, we will help introduce employees to the company, familiarize them with the culture, mission and vision. We will help you to teach them new responsibilities faster and more effectively. We help reduce the risk of fluctuations and gain an employee who will achieve a higher level of efficiency in a shorter time, as well as to save time and money associated with any new recruitment.

Involving and more effective trainings

We believe that experience is the most important thing in learning. VR enables better memorization than traditional trainings. We follow the rule: it's easier to remember what we experienced than what someone told us. We support making the transfer of knowledge to the workplace more effective.

Lower-priced trainings

In VR, we support the taming of stress and emotions, help to practice difficult and dangerous tasks so that the employee can work more efficiently in the real world. The technology allows you to reduce the cost of training, which implementation in the real world is very expensive. Participants may make mistakes without any financial consequences.

Complete VR stimulations

Our products that you can now buy and use in training 

or as a follow-up 

A matter of choice

Monday morning at Simple Creative Ideas. You enter the elevator, push the button and receive an embarrassing question from a friend. The conversation seems prosaic, but it will depend on your relationship with the team. Don’t wait with an answer. Enter into a dialogue with him and see the consequences of your choices.

This is just the beginning of the challenges you face. The service for one of the top brands in the country has not been performed. A member of the team failed, and a client will come to the office in a minute, counting on the presentation of the final product. Leave the comfort zone and make decisions that will save an important task.


It is the time of choice – Your choice!



The simulation develops and tests: communication competences (assertiveness, basic communication, communication in the win-win spirit)


Your decision

You are a manager in a middle company. Short deadlines, unfinished projects and many tasks that need to be accomplished – is it better to do them yourself or delegate them to someone who has no experience? The co-workers you meet on your path will need to be managed in the right way.


Each of your decisions will have different consequences, and at the end of the simulation you will hear what the people you worked with think about you. Virtual feedback will enable you to look at yourself from an unknown perspective…


The simulation develops and tests: managerial competences (delegating tasks, feedback, involvement building)

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We have been helping companies and employees discover and develop their potential since 2005. Our longtime experience in the development of managerial, sales, customer service and other competences combined with modern technologies make our clients one step further from the competition.


Dedicated VR simulations in HR are targeted at enterprises where innovation is the focus. They allow you to make mistakes without consequences known from real life and to successively learn from them. They improve and support HR departments at a selected stage of the employee’s life cycle.


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